Between Empire and Capital

A Lausan x Verso event

Since the formation of Lausan Collective in the fall of last year, we’ve received incredible support from new and old allies at the cross-section of different, ongoing movements. While many people may know us from our writing, some of you may have met us through our events as well.

Earlier this year, one of our collective members, Wilfred Chan, joined Alex Chow, former student leader of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, and Zoe Zhao, a researcher of digital labour in China, at the event “Hong Kong: Between Empire & Capital.” Gathering at Verso Books in NYC, the panelists discussed Hong Kong’s ongoing uprising and its impact on the labor movement in China. We are incredibly thankful to our friends for making this event possible and the audience for their warm engagement. We would love to share this occasion with those of you who couldn’t physically be there and keep you updated on our future events as well.

In the time of pandemic when Zoom calls and webinar marathons are the new reality, we present to you our very first event recording—with many more to come on our YouTube channel!

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