— 木瓜 · 梁秉鈞

I have your words, that you put down on paper,
But nothing at hand to return, so I write down,

papaya. I cut one open: so many
Dark points, so many undefined things.

— Papaya, Leung Ping-kwan

About Lausan

Sharing decolonial left perspectives on Hong Kong

Lausan 流傘 is a collective of writers, researchers, activists and artists from Hong Kong and its diasporas, engaging with the city’s political struggle. Through translation, creation, and education, Lausan 流傘 aims to build solidarity on the international left with Hong Kongers’ unfinished fight to imagine emancipatory futures after colonialism, against both Chinese and Western imperialism.

‘San’ 傘 is the character for umbrella, referencing our critical engagement with Hong Kong’s ongoing movements for self-determination, including the 2014 Umbrella Movement. 流傘 is also a homophone of 流散 (diaspora/dispersal), which speaks to our location across the Hong Kong diaspora and our ambition to connect Hong Kongers’ struggles against capital, colonialism, and state power with unfolding histories of resistance around the world.

We are 100% independent and volunteer-run.



Lausan 流傘是一個來自香港本土和跨國離散社群思想與運動家的集體,以解殖民左翼的視角議論並參與香港的政治抗爭。藉由翻譯、寫作、策劃、與研究合作,流傘力圖作為一個和國際左翼串連的平台,並打造解殖民後,自由解放香港的未來前景,對抗中國和西方的帝國主義。

「傘」即是雨傘,代表我們與香港民主自決運動,包含2014年的雨傘革命和之後持續的抗爭,與其之間的相互批判與反思。 「流傘」也是 「流散」的諧音,象徵我們跨國離散的處境,以及我們渴望連結全球受壓迫的民眾與香港人對抗資本、殖民、和國家權力之不斷延展的歷史。


Why Lausan?

Lausan 流傘 emerged from intersecting desires we hold as Hong Kongers in the diaspora: to participate in and extend existing leftist discourses about Hong Kong; to unite in solidarity with oppressed people around the world; and to challenge what Hong Kong means as a critical perspective, as a decolonial politics, and as a home.

By taking Hong Kong as a position of critique, Lausan 流傘 aims to hold multiple imperialisms to account without oversimplification of material conditions on the ground. At this critical juncture in history, we understand that any radical imagination of Hong Kong’s future would need to center cross-border solidarities based on class struggle, migrant justice, anti-racism and feminism. To that end, we take seriously our dispersal across locally specific sites of struggle as an opportunity to link collective action against capital, colonialism, and state power in Hong Kong and unfolding histories of resistance around the world. 

Hong Kong is often misused in Global North discourses across the political spectrum, whether as a contrived bulwark in the battle against communism or as a place hopelessly under the grip of colonial and capitalist ideologies. This project is therefore also about staking a claim for self-definition in the context of Hong Kong’s ongoing movements for self-determination by producing original work from a critical leftist lens, one which foregrounds the city’s complex and sometimes contradictory terms of identity formation in place of false binaries and reductive stereotypes.

The opportunism of these narratives often loses sight of the lived experiences and heterogeneous interests of Hong Kong people. As an interface between state capitalist China and the modernity of the West, Hong Kong has been repeatedly situated in the aftermath of and in between coercive regimes. In other words, its raison d’être has always been defined in relation to larger structures of control. Most recently as a pawn on the chessboard of US-China trade relations, Hong Kong’s self-determination project continues to encounter systemic erasure. This has contributed to a critical gap of knowledge about Hong Kong that Lausan seeks to fill through translation of Hong Kong perspectives, original research, writing and solidarity building. Because we believe that Hong Kong holds important clues for what a decolonised, anti-imperialist world could look like, we translate work from Hong Kong outwards against disappearance and misrepresentation.

As much as Lausan 流傘 emerged out of frustration with the paucity and limitations of existing leftist writing on Hong Kong, the members of this collective were also brought together by a shared connection to the place we call home. Our collaboration is rooted in a fond albeit difficult relationship with the city. Though many of us grew up in Hong Kong, our politics, lives, and personhoods found an uneasy fit—an ambivalent home—with the city as we currently know it. As we look toward a transformative politics in and beyond Hong Kong, Lausan 流傘 is committed to undoing and unlearning structures of authority reliant on capitalism, misogyny, homophobia, racism, and xenophobia. 

Lausan 流傘 is a site of solace, solidarity, connection and, above all, hope in what Hong Kong can be. Our members are tied together by this hope; it informs every aspect of our translating, writing and organising. While we initially joined forces in response to the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill protests, we are driven by a shared purpose that predates the immediate circumstances of 2019 and far exceeds the confines of our collective: a determination to dismantle long-standing relations of dominance and exploitation in the wake of Chinese and Western colonial control and neoliberal capitalist accumulation—a love of our home. 


Lausan 流傘 的崛起來自於我們在離散國度對於香港的渴望:參與和延伸香港現有的左翼論述、與世界壓迫者團結抗爭,並以批判的、去殖民的的觀點來挑戰香港與香港作為一個家園的意義。

Lausan 流傘 將香港作為一個批判的主體,代表我們的分析著重於多方面的帝國主義,如何過度單純化香港當地的社會和物質環境。在這個歷史的轉折點,我們認為任何對於香港未來基進的嚮往都必須強調跨國界的階級團結、移工正義、反種族主義以及女性主義。為此,我們認真對待各自在不同地域的抗爭,將他們作為能夠抵抗香港的資本、殖民主義和國家權力的基準點,並與全球的左翼運動串連。


現有機會主義的敘述經常忽視香港人多樣性的生活經驗以及關注。作為一個在中國國家資本主義與現代西方之間的接口,香港不斷地被放置在強權之間與其脅迫之中。換句話說,香港存在的意義一直受到更大的結構所控制。最近,香港被當作是美國與中國貿易關係的一顆棋子,而香港的自決運動卻一直面對系統性的阻礙與抹殺。這即是 Lausan 流傘 渴望能夠填補的空缺,透過翻譯香港的視角、研究分析、寫作以及全球串連,因為我們相信香港提供了一個去殖民的、反帝國主義世界的藍圖,我們向外翻譯香港,抵抗錯誤的再呈現並拒絕被抹滅。

即使 Lausan 流傘 的創立來自於我們對於現有香港左翼論述的空缺與限制的挫敗感,這個集合的成員也是因為我們共有的經驗連結和對一個「家」的形體的渴望,而聚集一起。我們的合作來自於對於香港一種親密卻困頓的關係,就算多數的成員在香港長大,我們的政治觀點、生命經驗和主體性卻難以與這個矛盾的「家」相容。在我們藉由香港尋求具有變革效力的政治方向之中,流傘承諾作為拆解香港內外的資本主義、厭女、恐同、種族歧視與排外的結構和霸權的力量。

Lausan 流傘 是一個相互慰藉、團結、尋求連結以及燃起我們對於香港的希望的空間。我們的成員因為這份希望而聚集在一起,影響著我們如何進行翻譯、寫作和組織的工作。我們一開始由2019年反送中的抗爭而集合彼此的力量,但我們的目標並不僅止於這個當下的急迫政治局勢,而是更長遠的野心:推翻中國與西方的殖民化控制與新自由主義資本累積的剝削,那即是,我們對這個家園最深的感情。